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Hi! I'm Cheryle Touchton and my nickname is the Pocket Full of Quarters Lady because I travel the country sharing the Good News of Jesus while handing out quarters. I am a Christian evangelist, author, speaker, and coach. My church calls me a missionary, my publisher calls me a writer, and my husband calls me an apostle. My daddy just called me a hobo.

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2017 - Let's Evangelize America!


The Harvest is ripe and Cheryle and Shiloh the Shepherd's Sheepdog are travelling the country in their camper van, Halleluiah, sharing Jesus with America.


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Cheryle has discovered the ancient secret to everything - The Sh'ma

Jesus called it the Greatest Commandment!

We love God, love people and share the Gospel. Our call from God is to help people to share their faith. “Pocket Full of Change” is a metaphor for having full spiritual pockets and we help people, churches, and organizations make the changes necessary to prepare for life and eternity. Evangelist, author, coach, and speaker, Cheryle M. Touchton, travels the country having Gospel conversations, leading Gospel Teams, leading Gospel Conversation Workshops, and ministering to the discouraged, lonely, and confused.

Our Mission: To fulfill the Great Commission by helping people, churches, and organizations embrace the Greatest Commandment, thus empowering them to fill their spiritual pockets so they are prepared for life and eternity.

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