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In memory of
Rev. Cheryle M. Touchton,Founder
Pocket Full of Change Ministries

Cheryle Touchton earned her nickname as the Pocket Full of Quarters Lady after her first national journey in 2002. She traveled the country sharing the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus while handing out quarters. Her approach was simple: she presented herself as a Christian who loves God, people and sharing the Gospel. Her church called her a missionary, her publisher called her a writer, and her husband called her an evangelist. Her daddy just called her a hobo.

She went on to crisscross the US on extended missionary journeys almost every year thereafter. She used her successful early journeys to build a large following and subsequently founded Pocket Full of Change Ministries in 2007. Over her ministry calling, Cheryle organized and led scores of evangelism events, published 5 books on evangelism, and trained, equipped and coached hundreds of Christians to evangelize in their circles and along their paths. Along the way, she prayed with and led thousands of lost souls to find a loving relationship with Jesus.

Now, with God's blessing and help, the generosity of fellow Christians, and a new generation of volunteers, Cheryle's unique and effective Scripture-based approach to evangelism will continue through this ministry.

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Cheryle knew that the Harvest was (and still is) ripe and led Gospel Teams across the country, sharing Jesus on the streets of America. Her teams evangelized at large gatherings such as Mardi Gras, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Penn State University events, and the 4th of July celebration on the National Mall and the H-Street Festival in Washington D.C. Large gatherings remain a major focus of Pocket Full of Change Ministries even today under the directorship her husband, Bob Touchton.


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Cheryle discovered the ancient secret to everything - The Sh'ma

Jesus called it the Greatest Commandment!

We love God, love people and share the Gospel. Our call from God is to help people to share their faith. “Pocket Full of Change” is a metaphor for having full spiritual pockets and we help people, churches, and organizations make the changes necessary to prepare for life and eternity. Evangelist, author, coach, and speaker, Rev. Cheryle M. Touchton, traveled the country having Gospel conversations, leading Gospel Teams, leading Gospel Conversation Workshops, and ministering to the discouraged, lonely, and confused.

Our Mission: To fulfill the Great Commission by helping people, churches, and organizations embrace the Greatest Commandment, thus empowering them to fill their spiritual pockets so they are prepared for life and eternity.

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